Friday, March 20, 2009

Found Things

I found heaven yesterday. Actually, I found three white glass saucers, two red beaded glass votive candle holders, a glass plate, and an (almost) complete set of fine china for… under 25 dollars! All of these items (and more if only I would have been able to carry them) were at Found Things in the East Village of Des Moines. As a young adult looking to move on from college dorm room style to first apartment style, I was excited about how the finds would look in my space, however, weddings are never far from my mind and I soon began to think about how these antiques could look at a spring reception.

The three white saucers would look so elegant with one or three cupcakes put on each one and placed in the center of a table (thanks Marsha!). I can envision the votive candle holders mixed and matched with more contemporary candle holders to create a unique look and in the basement of Found Things, there were several old glass bottles that, with the addition of a single bloom, would transform any table.

With ceremony and reception ideas aside, any bride could find her new set of dishes, a dining room set, and much, much more at Found Things. Visit Found Things to discover your heaven!

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