Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Love You Man

I saw a really great movie tonight. “I Love You, Man” is hilarious! Laugh out loud in the theater and don’t care who hears you kind of funny. If you have not heard, the story behind the movie is that Pete purposes to Zooey and discovers that he has no one to be his best man. He goes on several “man dates” to find his best man and the plot ends with everyone living happily ever after.

The film also ends with; you guessed it, a wedding scene. What is so special, and blog worthy, about this wedding is the fashion. Yes, the wedding gown worn by actress Rashida Jones is gorgeous. The bridesmaids dresses are also very tasteful, all women are wearing a bright yellow, just above the knee dress, with a slight v-neck. Very summery.

The best part, however, is the tuxes worn by the groom and groomsmen. Over the past several years, the trend of bridesmaids wearing different dresses but all in the same color or all the same dresses but in different colors, has been very popular. In this movie however, the groomsmen are all wearing different tuxes. It is a very cool look. The groom is in blue and his “attendants” are in black. Some of the tuxes are pinstriped, some have bow ties, others have neck ties; but what seems like it would look really confusing and messy actually looks quite elegant!

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